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Keith Mabika. stage name, LXXXVIII . I am from Johannesburg North, Cosmo City to be precise


What inspired you to get into music?

I got into it as a kid. My brother used to play drake and lil wayne Alot. I used to like rapping those songs out loud to myself or my friends. so yeah it was my thing


What inspired your latest project?

it’s gonna be my first actually, it’s inspired by the artists I look up to, love and my daily life, even the life I’d like to be living


What has been the highlight of your career so far?

there’s a few actually but the biggest one is when my single IINAMIINUTE reached 1.4k streams on SoundCloud

What have been some of your struggles?

getting studio time & also juggling music and school trying to balance em


Do you do anything outside of music? hobbies? studies? work?

I’m still at school, so yeah I used to play cricket and soccer but now I’m focus on building music


What do you think Hip Hop is missing right now and what do you bring to the table?

Hip-Hop needs young people to be taken more seriously. I swear the kids are better than “OGs”.
I can bring a whole lot of flavor to this Hip-Hop things, My Vibes are eternal


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

top of the game. top of the charts


What are some of your future plans, musically?

ensuring that I put out these projects I’m working on. and also doing shows and a tour maybe


What’s your favourite spot to eat?

Debonairs Pizza ❤️


Where do you normally spend your time when you’re not in studio?

with my woes or with my girl


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