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Port Elizabeth based Hip Hop artist, Lxndon dropped an EP called ‘Godly Snacks’ early in 2018 to kickstart the music year.

Hooked (For The Trap):

Feeling like the artist is either hallucinating or in a dream where he sees the life he wants to live and his ambitions coming to life while driving in a Rarri.

“Money cumming like I masturbated.”

Letter To Trap: (introduction)

Lxndon describes how he went threw a lot emotionally at a young age where his dad left his mom and how that had an ripple effect on his mom and sister.

Stay Alive: (survival)

“Niggas acting like I died, in the streets I’m verified.”

Touching on where he’s from and how tough it is to make something of yourself, especially with all the influences and all he’s to do is put bread on the table.

The Warning: (getting ready)

“I’m fresh out the jungle, I got an AK shooting double barrels.”

Ain’t nothing more dramatic than a surprise attack but Lxndon does the decent thing on here to make you well aware that his time is just around the corner.

This track was followed up with a sequel, “Due Time” in which he states that patience is a virtue and that every blow up has its perfect time.

Gusheshe: (The Ace)

In my opinion, this is the biggest song on the project, A CLUB BANGER! the beat selection, perfect timing in the vocals, upbeat feel make this track have that X-Factor.

All about the results of clout and how he’ll keep gents on their toes because their ain’t a rapper more attractive when he finally has something to lose in the public eye.

The young artist decided to ride the wave with trap in delivering a sound that is popular at the moment and a twist of ‘Lxndon’ on the elements..

It’s worth the listen!

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