Ghanaian-Canadian Singer Luna Elle Makes her Amapiano Debut with ‘Crazy’

October 14, 2022

Luna Elle

Talented Ghanaian-Canadian musician, Luna Elle makes her Amapiano debut with ‘Crazy’.

Luna Elle’s career has been rooted in R&B since her early days of singing. After the 2021 release of her R&B debut EP, L.O.V.E (Loss Of Valuable Energy), her reception in Canada and the United States have been quite favorable. As amapiano’s reach widened, her introduction to the genre was via curated playlists featuring the likes of Felo Le Tee, whom she credits as an artiste who drew her to the genre.

Since then, she’s spent time exploring the soundscape and seeking out talented artistes to collaborate with in making amapiano music. On August 19, 2022, Luna Elle made her first foray into the amapiano scene with the release of her single, “Crazy”; produced by UK-based DJ Kwamzy and Durban, South Africa-based Tonic Motion.

Luna Elle - Crazy

True to her R&B origins, Luna Elle and lyrics about love are not estranged. Thematically, the single is a continuation of her debut EP, a metamorphosis from lamenting after love to being free from it. “I can think a little bit clearer // And it’s easy for me to see // I was drunk all over your love baby,” she croons.

Intending to continue making amapiano music and in homage to the South African artistes responsible for its international notoriety, Luna Elle says, “When you’re listening to amapiano, you’re not really thinking about things. You’re thinking about the beat, you’re thinking about how good the song feels. You’re not thinking about what happened today or what you’re going through at that moment.”

Stream “Crazy” below: