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Born and raised in Rustenburg, South Africa, Luna Florentino AKA The Urban Lunatic dropped a music video from his mixtape he aired to the public in 2017 called ‘Florentino Mariachi’.

The visuals were shot in his hometown as he cleverly decided to take it back to the streets where his family, friends and “Mariachi’s” (His fans) are based, decided to bring the different vibes from Johannesburg and integrate them with the culture that side.

The video is set in a way of a storyline where Luna guides the audience through with short screen notes of every moment that is happening in order for people to be all on the same page.

Basically, the whole plot of the story is explaining what the team did while shooting the video on the day with a exciting end towards the backend of the video.

A big shoutout to Kuda Jemba for the insane visuals, they’re so clean and have impeccable quickly.


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