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I personally wish this song had said “who do U LUV – Lady Jay ft. Dexkwasi” because then it’d be complete for me (I’m loving it still). My prime observation and attraction to this song is its Afro Trappy feel and smooth textured sound quality. The nature of the beat quickly gives away the identity of its producer.

Already a personal admirer of the beautiful Lady Jay I am now attracted to her some more for the intoxicating vocals she laid on the song with the combination of some clever lyrical references – “come talk to me like Jodeci “.

The concept of this song is a rather interesting one. The artist is asking for love in the most surest and unapparent of ways as if to say she’s demanding it and not, at the same time. Simply one of the most romantic, soulful yet danceable tunes ever.

The bass heard on the instrumental makes the song very danceable and wavy too. Dex’s vocals laid on Lady Jay’s soft soulful voice just lit the fuse on the song for me. It is easily a hit single.

Beautifully done as always Lady Jay and Big Ups Dex Kwasi for the Jam.

Compiled By : Jephthah Osei – Mensah


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