Kwesi Arthur drops a surprise EP reminding us why he won hiphop song of the year Last Year.

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Life has taken a fast turn on street-wise reality rapper Kwesi Arthur after ‘Grind Day’ crossed borders and landed the rapper a BET notch. With a promised Album delaying, fans were frustrated and thirsty for a richly studded album, its new year and the rapper has just surprised us with a 4-dubbed EP, gassing us for the main project.


Kwesi Arthur actually had a good year. On ‘TINTTS4TW’ he revives his old mixtape trick of rapping over Riotous bass-bombs and moody sing-alongs like ‘Live and Die’ and ‘chill’. Kwesi’s constant consumption of street vibes is recycled into flames for fans, a style that has contributed to his cementing of a spot as a rapidly growing artiste.

Kwesi sounds ferocious and stark on the opening song of the EP ‘Live or Die’, an unsparing sermon stuffed with reality and street badges of achievement, a perfect way to kick the EP off, he takes us back to the motive that led to his victory of why he won hiphop Song of the year, with forthright lyrics, Kwesi nails every word perfectly on a cold-blooded beat. The rapper is as real as his words, giving us flashbacks of how he was always counted out but still beat the odds on the first verse, growing up in Tema, a dominant city when it comes to the Ghanaian music scene for almost a decade, he stirs his lyrics with a touch of realism, fair warnings, blood, sweat and tears which shapes his theme of the song, a ‘do or die’ situation to the come up with advices. When it comes to Rap Music, no subject is off the limit.

Kwesi is well known for having verses dedicated to his friends but this right here is heavily themed on Friendship, the Tema Rapper doesn’t want much, he just wants to chill at home with his friends, thus blocking any trouble from his gang, a classic Kwesi character, Dannyedtracks steals the show with a well-fitting production which balances the rapper/singer’s emotions on the song, lacing it with tippy strings and heavy bass line.


Kwesi’s ability to sing and rap is no news, it just raw talent from the young artiste, on what is termed as a sequel to his 2018 smash hit with Lynx crooner KIDIDon’t Keep Me Waiting pt II’ the rapper breaks his bounds by going acoustic with the follow up, The song encapsulates everything that is cool about being patient when its love-involved, Kwesi is soulful on this one yet full of brightness as he sonically elevate his words above this acoustic ballad, treating his fans with an emotional ride.

To cap this sneak peak-ears only ‘trailer’ off leaving us clueless with what to expect on the major tape, he signs out with a dance-hall like inspired song ‘Open your eyes’, The ‘waist winer’ dancehall anthem moves you straight to the dancefloor but with a love interest and a stay woke message that gets you focused rather getting your groove on, a blend of many elements in one song, an ability which is not easy to display on a song by a rapper.

The EP is an encouraging indication that both pure rapping and singing mode is loveable when it’s coming from Kwesi Arthur, with heavy influence from Canadian Rapper Drake, Kwesi is Triumphant again even with a teaser., wholly expected yet sorta comforting.



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