Kwame Yesu Features Rebo Tribe Mate Quamina Mp on ‘Lemme’

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Kwame Yesu undoubtedly doing great with his music lets out another under jam ReBo Tribe, after the chill-type, circumstantial ‘Matter’, with the title ‘Lemme’.
Kwame Yesu said; “You may think about artistes being superhuman and all; defying all odds and having no issues with their love life, but you may have to come to the realization of these people being men – open to life’s joys and mishaps.”

According to him, this new tune is inspired by the experience of an artiste friend Questo.

‘Lemme’ features in-house producer/artiste and “Wiase Ye D3” hitmaker Quamina MP.
Do enjoy every second as it sure is going to get you grooving from beginning to the end.

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