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Versatile recording artist, King Unstarr shows off her ability to rap and sing on her recent four-track compilation release.

Unstarr is a super femcee that has really found a way to separate herself from the crop of usual rapper who is on the grind, in the sense she doesn’t sound like an artist who is desperate to make it or someone who is crying out for recognition but just a rapper who is really expressing her feelings without any immediate worries.

‘Love Lost’

Expressing how one really feels about to important to help get over the phase of really moving past pain and a breakup and Unstarr describes how the aftereffects of ending something that once made you feel on top of the world can effect a human-being.

“I lost my mind when I let you in the room.”


“I heard you bragging about how you can smash us all, bet you would if your name was God.”

Just a pleasant shout out track to her squad and how much she would sacrifice for her team. The self proclaimed ‘Xhosa dragon’ makes it well known that she doesn’t roll alone.

“Minus money from his vocabulary, left with his balance 0, 0..”


“Ungazocinge ingathi ndiphakhe njengo Minnie Dlamini, kodwa nah ndiyayiDriv(a) lawei, phethe amavili, jonga pha ndisegude nalawei..”

Unstarr on this song just figuratively describing what she could do to a man in bed in this song without the thick booty and bodies men are looking for these days. She packs her own superpowers.

KING UNSTARR found a way to make is short EP sound like she provided something with a long track list. One of my favourite projects in 2018 so far !

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