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Recently signed Ambitiouz Entertainment artist KidTini had a lot of people talking about his move to the label considering the recent departure of the Paradise hit-maker A-Reece.

Social media came out and said that the move the label did was inspired by the loss of their star who decided to leave because of being underpaid for a long period of time.

KidTini then hit back with a track called ‘New School Bully‘ which trended on Twitter just a few hours after the release . It had a lot of people in awe because he’d addressed the issue around people saying he has changed character.


It seems as though the label is looking for a storyline for him the same way they had A-Reece a storyline in terms of taking jabs at Nasty C.

Beefing is good for the game and the references by KidTini on New School Bully regarding how the game has changed has been a topic of discussion for the longest time now.

Sometimes in order to be recognised you need to have some sort of story about you and this is the route KidTini will take. After all he has to live up to his ‘New School Bully’ signature.

The music video of the track also dropped recently.


Check it out:



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