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Ambitiouz Entertainment artist, KidTini dropped visuals to his latest single ‘Cinga’ that was released mid 2018.

The rapper paints out a story of how two young kids in high school fall in love, have sex and unexpectedly get the news that a baby is on the way. The script plays out where conflict arises between the couple, battling with keeping the baby and seeing it through or aborting it and carrying on with life, with no pressures from parents, friends or family for being a disappointment.

In the end, the girlfriend tries to have an abortion where she continued to experience complications and ended up dying during the procedure, in which KidTini(The father) arrives too late and chooses to commit suicide.

This video cuts deep, especially in our communities where teenage pregnancy is ripe & young people feel like they don’t have a lot of options to work with.

Watch ‘Cinga’ here:

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