KenKwMz takes his broken heart and turns it into art

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KenKwMz’, pronounced “Ken-Quams”, is a 21-year-old Ghanaian musician based in the USA. After a heartbreak, he channeled his energies into producing a therapeutic project which he’s titled Piece1oThePuzzle, an 8 track project.

It is a relatable project that anyone can easily vibe to especially for a listener that may be dealing with a similar situation.

Ken released the debut single from the project in October 2017, L.I.L.Y.

This piece reminded us of the real essence of RnB with its distinct Rhythm and subtle Blues.


He plays 4 instruments (drums, bass, piano, guitar).

All live instrumentation was produced and composed by his hand.

Without further continuation, I humbly present to you Piece1oThePuzzle!

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