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Multi-Grammy award winning artist, Kanye West on Thursday dropped a thread which went on for 10 hours explaining how he was threatened by Drake over a phone call.

The rapper who was once very close with the global star came out yesterday and confessed that Drake had given him a call to ask if he could clear a sample he wanted to use for a song he was scheduled to release.

After explaining how he believes the media has spun their feud into something bigger than it initially was and that people love to see the top artists go at each other; he feels like it would be better to sit down and finally sort the problems they have with each other like mature adults.

Kanye also went on to say that he is the reason why Drake is such a big artist today and that he also made Travis because they were inspired by him.

Do you think Kanye and Drake can sit down and talk things out even after all the drama or is it a little too late for sanity to prevail?

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