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Pretoria-based rapper, Kambridge Still dropped his debut album ‘DAWN’ on November 7, 2018.

The young rapper that took the game by storm on Blaklez’s “MY WHOLE LIFE” since then buckled down and dedicated himself to delivering a well crafted project for his fans.

Originally from Limpopo, Cambridge and his family moved to Pretoria in pursuit of greener pastures.

Since then the Gangsta Beats Records artist has been slowly making a name for himself in the 012, hopefully some day being able to also take the world by storm.

The 12-track album is made of up spacious, hard hitting and melodic tones where he shows us a side where he shows us different sides to his artistry, in singing and flexing his canning rapping ability.

“Body like Riri and Nicki when they’re sitting together”

With a massive pick up in relevancy the artist has noticed a change up where exes who used to ignore him, try to reconnect and a booking fee that is shot up due to growing popularity.

2018 has definitely been a good year for Kambridge Still.

This is an album you definitely want to lend your ear to!

Listen to ‘DAWN’ here:

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