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Jameella Jè Reintroduces Herself with “Come Thruu” Ft Kwesi Arthur & KaySo

Jameella Jè

Formerly known as Jamilla, burgeoning Ghanaian songstress Jameella Jè marks the beginning of her new journey with “Come Thruu” featuring KaySo and Kwesi Arthur.

Born in Syracuse, New York, Jameella Jè started singing at the tender age of 3 when she discovered her passion for music. From the start of her musical career, the singer/songwriter/rapper has constantly proven to be a distinct artiste with her own unique approach to the craft.

Having come a long way from releasing freestyle singles to gracing billboards in Times Square, Jameella looks forward to achieving even more milestones with her reintroduction.

Jameella Jè - Come Thruu

After taking a much-needed break from music, Jameella Jè seeks to reintroduce herself with the KaySo-produced comeback single “Come Thruu” which features multiple award-winning rapper, Kwesi Arthur and KaySo himself.

“Come Thruu” is an unapologetically sexy bop, composed of intoxicating melodies and vocals delivered by Jameella Jè and KaySo, aptly complemented by Kwesi Arthur’s classic rap flow and punchlines.

Jameella Jè

Along with undergoing a thorough rebrand, Ms. Jè has been working tirelessly on her EP, titled “GUDA”, which is projected to drop in early 2023.

Stream ‘Come Thruu’ below:




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