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Rapper Jae Ghost originally known as Kwesi Ubochioma Adu is of Ghanaian and Nigerian descent but was born in Bonn, Germany.
Due to challenges, he faced in school and his somewhat recalcitrant behavior, he was forced to relocate at 13 years old to Africa, specifically Ghana where he eventually attended high school and university.
Within this time span, Ghost developed a strong interest in Hip-Hop and later decided to take up rapping as a hobby. The likes of Jay Z, Nas and Jadakiss influenced a plethora of his style as far rap and content are involved.
In 2012, he decided to seriously pursue his passion when he joined a rap group called KCMG created by junior high school friend/Ghanaian artist Klu.
Jae Ghost has gained notoriety for his substantial content, hard-hitting baritone rhymes, vivid narratives about his life and impeccable delivery. In the span of 3 years, Ghost has released 3 projects; Unorthodox (2014), Creative Control (2015), a collaborative effort with Klu titled Something’s Gotta Give (2016), a KCMG group album and various singles.
Here is his latest to add to the list, Beautiful Chaos.
Enjoy this masterpiece here:

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