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Dreamville star, Jermaine Cole dropped his fourth studio album, KOD in the first quarter of 2018.



The album is made up of a conflict between love & money, the perks of making it out of your community mixed in the tragedies that follow of your past catching up to you.


Drug addiction is an issue that has plagued people all around the world, the common trait of suffering and finding a momentary fix for it is seen as a way out.


There is also another drug in the form of fame, fortune and hype. The excitement in being able to keep up with trends and fashion to the extent where one forgets about investments in thinking about the future.


J. Cole uses the trap sound that is currently the wave and configures it to a package filled with lessons on life and how it can switch up on you if you’re not taking care of yourself.


“Kevins Heart / Photograph”


The illusive age of social media and meeting people through dating sites has become the faster way of finding a compatible partner.

This brings temptations of other people who are trying to come in the way of a relationship you’re in and more often than not one ends up eating from different cakes without neither finding out. It’s so easy to betray someone but difficult to deal with when the person you’re cheating on finds out.

“Brackets / 1985”

The onward fight between cashing in on your opportunity at riches, making sure you’re making good investments vs the drug of trying to do things to keep up with the latest trend and being sucked in by constant environmental changes.

Don’t forget to send money home to your family.

You’re not expected to worry about where the money you’re paying for tax goes, instead reality is we’re rolled up to be smoked by the government we pay to live in countries we’re taxed by how well off you are.

Let the kids enjoy their youth and have fun but they shouldn’t get too carried away and get sucked in by moving around in the same circles in their late 20s.



“Kids On Drugs / Window Pain”

Just because you might make it out your hood doesn’t mean the tragedies that happen in your community disappear.

Many people forget where they come from because it might bring a constant reminder of the pain they went through or the traumas they’re still trying to get over.


“Kings On Drugs / ATM”

Making money and trying to keep up with what is hot can be a drug. The leaders  become obsessed with the thrills of spending money while kids who struggle to make it through become addicted to the drug of momentary having the pain numbed with pills.

The different contrasts of living create  pictures of how complicated our communities are and how we can choose where to make a difference.

It’s up to you.


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