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Ghana Music

Ivory Osidan Finds Her Strength on “Grinding”, Her Debut Song of the Year

Ivory Osidan

On her new song ‘Grinding’, Ghanaian singer-songwriter Ivory Osidan finds her voice as an artiste as she talks about the everyday struggles of the youth. 

This is me narrating the lifestyles of the Black youth. From the boys on the streets, to the kids that play around the beach/fish pond, to the youth who’ve decided to skate regardless of it not being a part of our culture and to the market vendors grinding on a daily.

Ivory Osidan

The afro-influenced Kwelit produced anthem sees Ivory Osidan bring her African roots to the forefront, from the selection of African percussions used and her use of the Ghanaian language, Twi, in the lyrics. Ivory details the day-to-day activities of a large section of the Ghanaian youth as seen in the Nii Xowah directed music video. She also encourages people to be confident and not feel weird for having an interest in activities that are not so popular in the society they find themselves in. This gives the song an all-inclusiveness making it appeal to a much bigger audience.

Ivory Osidan

With very relatable lyrics and her impactful message, Ivory Osidan certainly brings something refreshing to the table. Her chilled vocal tones on this instrumental give listeners a glimpse of what to expect from her.

Stream Ivory Osidan’s ‘Grinding’ below:




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