InYourSpeakers [CREW] drops TWO [MIXTAPE]

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KwaZulu Natal, Vryheid based crew InYourSpeakers release their debut TWO tape.

The 13-track tape with a bonus track details the journey of an up coming artist & growth of a human-being on a spiritual level.

Since I saw Chyna’s VuzuHustle late in 2016, I know more about his journey so I will touch on him.

Chyna introduces his sound to the listeners by taking a very mellow, conscious and real talk approach to this project.

With all the jammy, party vibe music hitting the airwaves lately the team decided to take it back to where it hits home.

Personally, my stand out track from the project is “The Future Is Her” which has a deep message about embracing your flaws because they have a purpose as well.

South African fans have been looking for young artists who rap and sing about things they can relate to and Chyna is definitely one of them!


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