Indigo Saint speaks out with THE RIVER (Interlude)

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Recording artist, Indigo Saint voices out his opinions around the way some immigrants live in South Africa with The River (interlude) from his LP.

The award-winning artist goes in on the cons of trying to make a living in a country where foreigners who are trying to make a make it duck and dive violent chancers who will try to use every opportunity to hurt or burn them.

Is it Afriphobia, Xenophobia or the fear or discrimination in the fear of people taking opportunities you fail to see?

Indigo has an aunt that continuously reminds him of the hardships of not being welcome in a country unless you have diplomatic immunity.

In a very emotional message featuring a vocalist Zimbabwean born artist in Zela, as she handles the hook to remind listeners of a bitter sweet story.

With an anticipated project on the arisen this interlude has raised my expectations even more.

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