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After each dropping individual music projects at the first half of 2018, rappers Copta and King Joey along with music producer, Moor Sound have teamed up to drop a joint album, ICYMI.

The album title, ICYMI- which abbreviates In Case You Missed It , is intended to take listeners on a sonic journey both to the artistes past endeavors and also to their present sound -which Moor Sound describes as music created without suppression.

What inspires this collaboration is the synergy the trio have and the unique songs that have been produced as a result: Pink Molly off Copta’s Finer Things and Work from King Joey & Moor Sound’s High Demand.

ICYMI was made to be a fuller experience of what the trio have processed together musically.

In preparation for ICYMI the trio are running a weekly music giveaway #ICYMIFridays, starting with Obsessed on Friday, 21st September,2018.

Obsessed is intended to give listeners a sample of Copta and King Joey´s individual wave over the vibrations of Moor Sound.

Its  music versed around youthful exuberance and human desire and is perfect music for car rides, the club & working out.

Get Obsessed here:

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