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Johannesburg based rapper, HMz finally drops ‘Enough’ (Official Music Video) featuring Pdot O on February 7, 2019.

For the ones who have been following the rapper’s roll out for his third mixtape, ‘Patience & Greatness’. a lot of people were expecting these visuals late in 2018 as these scenes were shot around the months of September.

But it’s better late than never and the timing of this drop couldn’t be perfect as both emcees are looking to tackle 2019 with everything they’ve got.

Almost sharing a 10-year gap between each other both rappers representing different eras share similar goals and dreams for the rap section in South Africa & this collaboration just bared witness.

With a forest scene and ambient visuals to support the powerful and yet melodic beat with a piano playing in the background these visuals are a definite must see.

Shout out to MGeezy & Still Shady on the lens !

Watch ‘Enough’ here:

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