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Here’s what to do at a Battle Rap Event

Battle Rap

Hey, so this here may be helpful depending on your affiliation with the hip-hop culture.
I am a huge collector and follower of Battle Rap. I’m talking smack DVD, grind time, fight klub, kasahare levels, aviation and vacation classes battles and a new favorite, Lyrical Wars (even seen Flippa and Reggie Rockstone go at it) — I attended all the LW events and I’m super psyched the date for the upcoming LW Body Bag Auction 3 has been changed to 25th March 2018. (Thank you Universe, grandma’s birthday shouldn’t ruin things for me)
If you haven’t guessed yet, in this piece I’d be your unsolicited guide on how to attend rap battles (If there is ever such a thing)


It’s all about the bravado. Don’t be shy to flaunt it. Yeah flaunt it still even when you don’t get the allusion. Add to the yooos and oooooos of those assembled and you’d fit right in.


The theme obviously being hip hop means cool jeans and tees and sneakers but hey, if stilettos and oxfords are your kinds of hip-hop go all the way… as long you’re comfortable. And oh there are rarely seats at these events so yeah the word comfortable is KEY


Participate. Battle rappers usually engage the crowd in their fictitious killings. He may throw in a line or two for the crowd to repeat in sync with him. Try and catch that so you can aid in giving that smooooooke! It’s fun


Don’t get emotional. Don’t pick a fight. No matter how much your favorite is getting smoked it’s all just banter. That said no weaponry to act on your emotions. Leave all that at home. Enough imaginary guns in the building.

And that’s about it guys. Let’s see if you can spot me on 25th. I’d be the one with the most bravado.

P.S. who’s your money on? Akwanda, Kbo, Amakye the rapper or Bobo.

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