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25 year old Hloma Soga, more well known as ‘HMZ’ from Edenvale, Johannesburg, South Africa kicked off 2018 by dropping his much anticipated reloaded version of the mixtape “H You Did It Again.”

After years of working on his craft, appearing on music channels and radio interviews HMz had a turnaround in 2017 where he learn’t the techniques of gaining a social media base and investing in promoting himself.

“HMZ” which is an abbreviation for “Hloma’s Mind Zone” takes us through a journey of a battle in his mind of breaking through and being recognized for his craft.

The intro quickly hits the listener with the impression that the rapper is lyrically powerful, in which a statement is sent that there will be a lot of wordplay on the body of work.

“Hip Hop Bangerz” cements the intent of where the direction of the tape is going. A message is being sent out to spectators, artists that no matter how the road looks, real Hip Hop will rise and haters won’t phase the process of the resurrection. “Selling out” to make it in the industry is also a major discussion in all the Hip Hop sectors around the world and it seems to be a common trait among countries. This song touches on the artists who ‘dumb it down’ for a pay cheque.

HMz also goes on another musical journey of passion with regards to being in relationships and the struggles that come with it.

“Sometimes Men Are Trash” addresses the problems women face in society in regards to being treated with disrespect by men. The Sandile and Karabo story was one of the references used in this song and probably one of the highlights throughout the whole project.

Social issues are a topic that isn’t celebrated in the mainstream a lot in South African Hip Hop, even though there are masses of people who continue to beg for more music in that regard. The rapper touches on a young boy who struggles to travel to and from school everyday, like the normal poor South African struggle of a young Black child.

The “come up” is very important in an artist’s journey to finding themselves and reality is we don’t take the same roads to greatness.

Our struggles aren’t the same and HMz touches on his struggles of how he’s been turned down and ignored by more established people within the game. The tough questions people ask of whether this music ‘thing’ will work out.

The rapper emphasizes how he fell in love with his talents so much that he even dropped out of school. The growing fight between continuing with this tough journey which isn’t paying or hanging up the mic and working towards a normal 9-5 job.

Having self-produced the whole project and hinting fans that he might release another mixtape in the near future, work ethic and talent will definitely not be the resistance to stop this artist’s journey.


The mixtape is available for download on audiomack:


  1. Jason

    January 16, 2018 at 2:23 pm

    That’s my homie right there! I pray he aquires all that God has in store for him! This was a great read, music with substance is all we know. God bless! From Jason J-Man Mangena

  2. MaGibela

    January 17, 2018 at 6:09 am


    I would to know if an artist wish to to be reviewed in your blog…what does one has to do?

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