Ginger Trill – Let Me Know Feat. Ayanda Jiya

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Coming off the single “MONEY” he dropped a couple of weeks ago Ginger Trill keeps the moment going with another jam with Ayanda Jiya in “Let Me Know.”

Ginger touches on the temptations most young people go through, “commitment” and just using people to smash and pass. The super rapper explains to the woman he’s talking to that to be honest all he wanted to do was hit and not take things too deep.

He’s so fascinated about this fine lady and he can’t help himself but sneak her around during late hours of the night, regardless of knowing whether she’s in a relationship or not.

“Loyalty is only a song to these niggas.”

He’s grappled by the thrills of being with a fine woman without necessary commitment and strings attached.

Ayanda on the other hand prefers it if a man is straight up front with his intentions instead of beating around the bush. It’s either you love her or you don’t.


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