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Ghanaian DJ Duo #IFKR Pushing the Frontiers of African Music with Debut Project

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In the style of many international collaborative DJ acts such as Major Lazer, Jack U, Flosstradamus and KimKat, #IFKR is a Ghanaian born and bred house DJ collaborative group. Over the past four years, DJ K3V and EffTheDJ have single handedly developed, created and perfected their individual style of mixing house music.

They have been able to entertain crowds from all across the country thus far and recently realized their mutual passion for mixing house music with popular Afropop songs to enthrall crowds.

It is through this mutual passion that they agreed on collaborating together for a few shows. The excitement and clear enjoyment from the crowds at these shows cemented the partnership between the DJs and it was labeled #IFKR.

The mixtape “U Have No Idea” signals the second phase of the growth of #IFKR. The brand has now reached a point in its development wherein the team behind #IFKR feel it now needs to start producing and pushing out its own singles in the same way the likes of Flosstradamus and Jack U have been doing.

This project, however, is more significant than just confirming the growth of a brand. It is an experimental project, the likes of which have not been attempted before in Ghana.

The project seeks to take advantage of #IFKR’s local and international music network and challenge singers, rappers, producers and poets to go outside of their comfort zone and apply their talent in a genre in which they would not normally venture.

This Afro-fusion House album, as the team likes to call it, will be the first of its kind in Ghana’s industry. In putting the album together, the team has carefully selected talents who have only recently begun to pick up some steam in the development of their careers.

This decision was very intentional as, the team believes in the up-coming talent and also believes that it is these artists who will grow to become like the EL’s, Efya’s and Sarkodie’s of today.

Investing in this talent and pushing the boundaries of their creativity is the crux of the project. By doing so, the project allows these artists and listeners to freely express their creativity.

The team also believes in pitching these developing talents with already established and recognized artists who have been able to develop a strong brand and career through their active engagement in the industry. We believe that the emerging artists will gain a lot from collaborating and interacting with artists and producers who know what they are about.

We would like to showcase, to Ghana and the world, that there is young, dynamic and unashamedly experimental talent on the rise within the borders of the country, thus the title of the project “U Hxve Nx Idxv”!

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