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My Name is Nkateko Wisdom Phakula, popularly known as Wizdomination. I’m a South African medical student and musician based in Ukraine which is in Eastern Europe.

What are some of the challenges you face as a producer/rapper?

– Lack of resources.
– Backlash from people who don’t understand the vision and the reason I do or don’t do certain music related things.
– Remaining positive and goal oriented when things don’t work out as planned

How difficult has it been keeping up with trends from other countries being from the Ukraine?

– It’s not very difficult because unlimited internet(Wi-Fi) is cheaply available on this side so i have constant access
to social media and youtube. I follow a large number of blogs, relevant social media pages and youtube accounts that keep me in the loop. In some cases I’m more up to date than people in south africa because of the cheap access to internet. for example, I watch music videos and interviews as soon as they come out on youtube while a number of people usually wait to watch them on Tv which usually happens days or weeks after they’re posted on youtube
– I find it difficult to really feel the impact of certain trends though, because I don’t live in the enviroment where the trend is trending.

What have been some of your highlights thus far?

– Some of my highlights include meeting and opening for some of the biggest african superstars like Davido, Patoranking, Olamide, Mr Eazi and a couple more. I remember meeting Davido, talking to him in the dressing room and just thinking ‘Wow so i’m actually taller than this guy’. When you meet these big stars they become more human and it motivates you because reaching their level of success seems more possible now that you really realize that they’re human just like you.

– Also, I’ve travelled to so many cities to perform here in Ukraine and it’s amazing to see the love and support I get even in Places I’ve never been to. I remember going to a city Called Ternopil to perform. Before performing I was talking to this one woman who as i was about to introduce myself she cut me off by saying “Who doesn’t know Wizdominaton?” and me being a person who naturally hasn’t let my little bit of fame get to my head, was so amazed by that especially because i had never been to that city to perform before. Usually It’s I’ve performed in a city and reallly introdced myself that people begin to know me but that was not the case in ternopil

How would you describe your sounds?

– Honestly, It’s a mix of a bunch of different sounds. I wouldn’t say that i have a particular sound because i like to try new things, get uncomfortable and experiment. Hip Hop is the center of it all though but I try different things

What should we expect from you in the near future?

– I will definitely be dropping my first project this year. Also a number of collaborations, as well as working on being a part of some major events in South Africa, so my supporters back home can get to experience more of me.

What advice would you give up comers looking to boost their soundcloud listeners?

– CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!!! You gotta be consistent with the material you drop on soundcloud. It does not end there though, you also need to share your work as much as possible but do research on the best ways to market without being spamy

Who would you like to work with in the near future?

– Nasty C definitely. Psyko beats is my homie and we’re gonna be putting in work soon. Shane Eagle, Blaq-slim, Blaklez and Hopefully Cassper Nyovest

Music over everything or do you believe in a Plan B?

– MUSIC OVER EVERYTHING! Having a plan b means you won’t put as much effort into plan A. Me Being in Ukraine, studying medicine is a result of a complicated situation with my parents and I’m sure you know how closed-minded african parents tend to be. If I really had it my way, I would honestly be studying Sound Engineering so as i said MUSIC OVER EVERYTHING!! It is possible to have two careers though.

What are some of your short term goals?

– Reach A Million plays on soundcloud
– Drop my first project
– Go on my own tour in both South Africa and Ukraine
– Finish this medical degree so i can really focus on music

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