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I go by the name Stollz, well my full name is Tshepiso Stollz Sehuna I was born & raised in Johannesburg(Katlehong),I’m a musician by profession,but I’m also a cool person,I’m funny & I also love jokes…I just love having fun.

When did you write your first song?

First time writing a song was back in 2012. I didn’t know what to write about,but what I know is I wrote a song & it never made sense.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from different things & people….most of my songs are influenced by all the things I go through,struggles & all the joyful moments & my hood K1 plays an important role in my music, reason being I grew up in the streets of K1,& most of the stuff happens right in front of my eyes…& also Kwesta inspires me because of his come up,all the struggles that he went through he never gave up,he kept on pushing,much love & respect to him.

Why Hip Hop?

I can say whatever I wanna say on this genre without fighting with anyone,I feel like,hip hop/rap is the only genre where I can express how I really feel inside,where I can tell people my story, how I can inspire someone,I feel like it’s the only genre where I can heal a soul of someone through what I say.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

I’m going on tour starting from 5 May ending 06 October 2018, I’ll be dropping an ep between August/September then my second album will be dropping 26 October 2018.

What separates you from the rest?

I do my own style,I gat my own flow,I don’t mimic someone else’s craft, that’s why it’s hard for people to tell if I do rap or trap….that’s why I decided to create my own genre which is #TrapRap.

Do you have any goals in mind?

My goal right now is to be the best Musician,Worldwide.

Who would you like to work with?

I would really like to work with Kwesta,Nasty C,A-Reece,Flame & D.EE XCLSV

Any other interests outside music?

Business,I see myself as a successful businessman one day after music.

Music over everything or do you believe in a back up plan?

No one can do music forever,so on my side,it’s safe to always have a backup plan,because things might go your way & things might not go your way,always be prepared for anything.

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