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One Shaman is a creative and conscious soul born in Mpumalanga, Nelspruit and grew up in the West Rand, Johannesburg.

What made you choose Hip Hop specifically?

What is inspired me to choose and lead me towards the culture and genre was my oldest brother who introduced me to hip hop music through Tupac Shakur & Nas, I fell in love with that form of expression through use of words in a poetic yet cool and stylish form of delivery.


Why the name One Shaman?

One comes from my name Wandile, and I’ve been called variations of that Wanda, One Man, Wandi but One stuck and I’ve kept it throughout my youth. Shaman comes from my love of esoteric literature and I loved the role of Shamanism throughout African culture and adopted the name to differentiate myself from modern rap artists as I believe that music is a powerful source inspiration and ultimately change. A Shaman is considered a spirit leader within a tribe and the link between the spirit world and the people and I believe my music does the same thing for me.


What are some of the challenges you’ve faced so far?

Challenges I’ve faced thus far is trying to balance my creative side as far as my career and regular life responsibilities like paying bills, working, family expectations and society as a whole. I’m an introvert so unfortunately that doesn’t go well in the media industry as you have the pressure of trying to sell yourself however uncomfortable that is.


How would you describe your sound in three words?

My sound in three words? Lyrical, Melodic, Authentic


Where would you say SA Hip Hop is at compared to the world?

SA Hip Hop is in a weird place, if I had to articulate it I’d say the music is definitely growing and getting better there’s definitely a lot of good talent out there, the business and media space is not very inclusive of the talent and it really isn’t trying to put excellence at the forefront. SA Hip Hop media really needs to do more in terms of breaking new acts and creating platforms to celebrate good music which will then propel the culture forward.


What can we expect from you in 2018?

What you can expect from me is obviously more music, gonna be putting out more visuals this year as well and try get on more stages. Got a mixtape, EP and an album lined up for the year of 2018.

Who are some of the people who inspire you?

My peers inspire me a lot, people like ShabZi Madallion, Jimmy Wiz and as well as people I like to call super-hybrid creatives like Donald Glover and Azealia Banks who are able to just try all the things that their creative brains are able to muster up.


What advise would you give to another up coming artist?

Advice from me thus far wouldn’t be much as I am still trying to figure my path and way forward but I would say is go wherever your heart leads you as long as your motives and intentions are in the right place.

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