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I am Avant-Garde, born in Johannesburg but entirely raised in the South Coast of KZN, In a Kasi called Gamalakhe.

Challenges you face as a rising star?

Challenges I face as a rising artist are kinda minor for instance the lack of recognition and the right audience or right sponsors to follow up on me..(although it all ends up being on me to make it possible to be heard)

Any obstacles you have encountered as a female artist?

Not as yet hey, I think I’m not going to face any of those at the moment.

What inspired your stage name?

Well the name is actually Khaeda…and the reason for that name is not yet established although I have a strong meaning for it.

When did you know music is your calling?

I knew that music is my calling when I was just seven years old…I did a lot of stage plays which made me sing until my 5th grade I had Poetry and Singing practices out of nowhere, till this day I have all that gearing out of me.

Who inspires you?
I can safely say I inspire myself …but in the industry, Msaki Mvana and the Mazwai Sisters kinda all depict me as a whole …Then Miss Rouge and Nasty C are a side of me in rapping.

What are some of your highlights thus far?

I’m a very enclosed human …I don’t have any Highlights right now although that I have a strong crowd of people routing out for me…(I think that’s the highlight) oh and I’m now ready to work on my mixtape.

Do you prefer singing or rapping?

Both actually…Because I can do both with no mistake (and because I’m in love with the two aspects combined)

What can we expect from you in the near future?

What you can expect from me in the near future is Greatness at its best and unstoppable Grinding methods.

Where would you say SA Hip Hop is at compared to the world?

If we were to scale SA Hip Hop out of 10 I’d rank it on a 10/10 …because we are rising above all odds …meaning it’s on top lists of “Forbes” magazines (my imagination works)

Who are some of the people you would like to work with?

There’s a whole lot of people but hey I’d LOVE to work with Flame from The Wrecking Crew.

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