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I am Katlego Mau, stage name KayGee XI. 22 year old artist from Honeydew (Zandspruit Informal Settlement), North of Johannesburg.

I just recently finished my BCom Digital Marketing degree course at Rosebank College, now awaiting graduation. I am a hip hop recording and performing artist, and the founder of movement ‘XI GanG Media’ with XI GanG translating to ‘The Creative Collective’.



What inspired your latest EP?

What inspired Transitions EP is a series of different transitions / change of feels that I have personally been through before and while recording the EP.


I wanted to be honest about my aspirations as an artist, honest about my shortcomings with friendships, relationships etc. because I believe that the more honest the music, the more people can relate and put themselves in my shoes to understand me a lot better, and at the end of the day, enjoy the music.


I am honestly in awe of how this EP has been recieved by people… I know people will feel motivated and at the same time find some sort of healing when listening to the EP.


Describe your sound in three words?

My sound in 3 words: Melodic, Vibey & Relatable. Always have to make sure that my sound is relatable, not too far off from what people listen to, but at the same time, different from what people usually listen to.


What are some of the challenges you face as a rising artist?

The challenges that I face as a rising star is a lack of platforms to showcase my craft further and connect with more audiences, and I’d say the reason for this is that I am ignored.

I wouldn’t say I’m slept on because I am not, people know what I do and they know I am talented at it… they just choose to ignore me for whatever reasons.

I also need PR. PR is very important and I feel if I had the right PR… I’d be doing much better than I am doing right now and getting placements for my music and so forth.

I don’t really struggle much with support because the people who matter the most do give me the most support.

My parents believe and they always come out to see my performances when they have the opportunity to do so. The belief is what keeps me pushing despite all the challenges that I face that would break any other aspiring artist.


What inspires you?

I am inspired by the humble beginnings that I come from. The negative situation I find myself in, being from an informal settlement and us having no role models or anyone to look up to for having had made it inspires me to be that person for the young ones coming after my generation.

I went to high school at The King’s School Robin Hills through a scholarship I recieved from Kingsway Primary School, and I lived at the boarding school. Living in that environment, surrounded by money and a life that is only a dream for a young kid from the hood, I got inspired to one day be the dude that opens the eyes of the ghetto child to a world full of possibilities and opportunities that are waiting to be taken, and I am hoping to do all of this through my music and all the moves that come with it.

In terms of the hustle, I am inspired by Cassper Nyovest, the dude has really mastered the art of hustling and marketing the shit out of his brand. Truly is inspiring.

AKA is my inspiration in terms of all round musicallity and I hope to meet him oneday. Oh, he also has the hustle game on lock and that too makes him so very inspirational for me.


Who would you like to work with in the future?

I would really love to work with Gemini Major and Tshego. I dig both they sound and the entire vibe. Working with them would really be a big deal for me.

What are some of your short terms goals?

My short term goals are to find myself the right and effective management/PR team. Get myself radio and TV placements for my music and videos. More especially my lead single ‘Pxrple Drxnk’ which has a music video hosted by Madzie Superset on YouTube.

I NEED that video on TV soon! My best work yet. A very huge shout out to my brother IG: @yoboii_nano for the amazing visuals. Those are my short term goals right now, and oh, getting more gigs aswell and platforms to spread the music further.


What can we expect from you in the future?

I am in studio right now working on a follow up to ‘Transitions EP’. Maybe a debut album, I don’t know… will see as time goes on and how the music

I am currently working on unfolds. So people can expect another project from me later on this year or early next year. I feel confident that Transitions has me covered for the rest of the year, but we’ll see. Time will tell.


What does Kaygee XI mean?

The name KayGee XI simply means I am KayGee From The XI (XI GanG Media).


Interests outside of music?

Marketing and Events Management. I suppose that somehow still relates to the music, But I am a very creative person… so whatever that requires me to be creative will most probably interest me. I love ART as a whole.

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