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I go by the name Gambino.
Im from a Polokwane.

What are some of the challenges you face as a rising star?

I find it hard to convince people give me a chance and just give my music a listen before they judge because I know they just look at me posting updates on my music and just be like “oh there goes another rapper”.

Are you more of a rapper or trapper?

I actually do both Rap and Trap, You’ll hear what Im talking about if you visit my SoundCloud.

What inspires your artistry?

I listen to all kinds of music as long as the song is good. That right there is what inspires me but there are specific artists who played a major role in that and not only did they inspire my music but they had an effect on me as a person because of their ways of life. Those people are Tyler, the creator and Earl Sweatshirt.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

What can be expected from me is another mixtape but it’s gonna take a bit longer to drop because I just released one in february and a single in March so I want to let people digest all of that first.

What separates you from the rest?

I would collaborate with anyone because I believe Im a versatile artist and I love challenges.

I could find a way to flow to an instrumental of any genre.

What inspired the name Gambino XXVI?

Gambino is a name that people started using to address me because there were people on this other online chat room who used the name as catfish to insult people and at the high school I went to, I was a loud mouth they just thought it was. I eventually accepted it and decided why not use it as my stage name and the XxVI is from the name of my gang “XxVI GanG” so we all just add that XxVI to our handles.

Who are some of the artist you would like to work with in future?

I’d like to work with Young A, Areece, AKA, Kwesta, Shekhinah and Nasty C just to name a few and international artists  are just too many but the ones I just cant wait to get in studio with are Willow Smith and Mac Miller.

I just wish I could actually get a chance to work with these people.

Why Hip Hop?

I chose hip hop because I’ve always loved the culture back to when people who saw us wearing baggy clothes and snap backs in the hood called us “Ma nigga”. My big brother also always used to play a lotta tupac loud in the house and hip hop just became my favourite.

Any passions outside of music?

Outside music, im interested in fashion and modelling, it’s just that i’m more focused in music which makes it hard for me to concentrate on them because I’m still trying to get my music known so all my energy is directed there.

Do you believe in having a plan B or is it music over everything?

Yes, I believe in a plan B. Not all rappers succeed, its hard out here but my plan B would be to work and get enough cash to make plan A work because being a big artists is my dream and it’s what Im good at.

Where do you think is in terms of the world?

At the moment, I feel SA Hip Hop is doing great. Kwesta called an artist from the states and took to the hood and had that nigga in a siyaya. That right there got me mad inspired and it made me understand how big hip hop is in SA now and how the chances of succeeding are higher because back then, I was told I wouldn’t make it because house music is the best genre in this country and its the only one people here pay attention to.

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