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I am Kamvelihle Melaphi a female rapper, singer,song writer and dancer from Cape Town, South Africa.



What are some of the challenges you face as a rising artist?


The challenges I face as a rising artist are that I am young and still new in high school so I have to balance my school work time and my music time. Other challenges I face are that the life I live is no longer private so I’m still adapting to that because now I have to be more careful about what I say or do.


Are there any obstacles you’ve  faced as a female artist?


There are obstacles I’ve faced as a female artist such as that some of the guys would think my rhymes are too girly and at first I wrote to fit in with them but I lately learned that I didn’t need to fit in because God made me stand out.


What separates you from the rest?


I have a marketing team and a strong fanbase compared to other upcoming acts so I haven’t faced any  difficulties marketing myself. The hip hop culture is interesting this side , just even set of each and every line up is always filled with hip hop acts , the way people dress, or talk. The local radio stations play more hip hop.


When did you realise music is your calling?


2014 was when I knew music was my calling and that’s when I would record myself with my mom’s phone and I would get into trouble when she’d listen to her music and find one of my audios.


What advise would you give to another up coming artist?


My advise to another upcoming artist from my hood is be with people who will help you grow the fame starts with social media and don’t try to be a 2pac just because people listen to him and don’t try to be a Nicki Minaj just because people listen to her. Be yourself and people will love you for your own sound.



What would be some of your highlights so far?


My highlight so far is my first performance at the Isukile Festival that was hosted by the Hustle Kings and they were helped by the MonateFontein with such an amazing crowd.


Do you prefer rapping or singing more?


I prefer rapping than singing because when I rap I feel like I’m in a conversation with someone and I give out this type of vibe and when I sing I’m emotional.


What can we expect from you in the near future?


You can expect a lot of music from me this year and I’ll be collaborating with people and I got a surprise for everyone on my birthday.


In terms of the world, where do you think South Africa stands?


SA hip hop is going far because we have artists who get opportunities to work with people outside South Africa.

We are second biggest in the world.  So we are compatitive. Most artists are sampling our sound & we have movements like FillUps that happened to be second biggest Hip Hop concerts in the world and when it comes to sound,  SA Hip Hop has it’s different sounds ATM, Skanda etc.

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