For Love And Glory

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Gift Magubane, professionally known as ‘Maggz’ released his second studio album on September 1st, 2017.

His much-anticipated release ‘For Love And Glory’ had a lot of fans and critics talking about the fact that it took him so long to release an album, noting that he’s been in the game for nearly 10 years.

For Love And Glory features artists like Reason, PH and KLY who respectfully are doing well. KLY has been featured in quite a number of projects this year. Reason also dropped an album, ‘Love Girls.’

The album is split into two parts, mainly the first half consisting of trap songs and the second being the style he’s known for, lyricism and hard raps.

Knowing that times have changed the album accommodates the market that is currently buzzing on radio and TV.

The first 8 tracks of the album sound like they have Future, Travis Scott influence considering the wave that has been buzzing in South Africa as well.

On the album, he touches on his journey of finding himself and still being around despite the obstacles he’s been through. Maggz also emphasized that he continues to prove the haters who continue to write him off wrong.

He also briefly touched on the drama that surrounded Skhanda Republic.

The veteran artist also goes in about what he thinks about the current state of Hip-Hop in the country and how people change up on you when things start going well.

The album trended on iTunes at number 2 in the first week of release.

You can get the album on iTunes.

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