Flex Rabanyan – THE BORN FREE [ALBUM]

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Recording artist, Flex Rabanyan originally from Esikhawini in KZN dropped his debut album in May of 2018.

The rapper tells a tale about a roller-coaster ride he’s been on ever since moving to the city of gold after deciding to pursue his greatest dreams. The trials and tribulations that come up when working towards making people believe in your craft.

“While my peers are at the club turning up, I’m thinking of ways to get my earnings up.”

In a sincere start to the project with a slow beat and piano playing in the background YAGU sets the scene of explaining why he is on this journey and the fire behind his motivation to keep him going in order make his family proud and provide back home.

With every road that one embarks on it is important to be in tune with your spiritual self and Flex has made sure to stick very close to God especially when there are people out there who wish the worst for you and only want to see your demise and this is stressed on ‘God is On Deck.’

Rabayeezy makes it very clear that he is merely somebody visiting and that home seems very far away sometimes and this is emphasized heavily on ‘Outchea Visiting.’

‘Wadlala Ngam’ is a real story about a young grown up who fell in love and was really taken away by that experience of his life. The relationship didn’t end well, the lady involved started being very distant and just ended things before they could really take off. Flex also admitted that he would take this song back any day just to get the relationship back to where it was.

“Niggas ask why you’re so loud, the talent doesn’t allow me to be spoken.”

He makes it very clear that this is only the beginning of bigger things and I personally like the concept he adopted of changing his hair colour to yellow, transcending into a super saiyan, the first level of many that have to be unlocked as he makes more moves.

The Born Free album is explaining how even though the country has moved past the Apartheid regime we still have issues to solve as a country, more importantly as individuals to find a way around racism, hate speech, financially difficult times, excuses, stereotypes and writing our own stories into the history books that are positive.

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