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Season two Vuzu-Hustle winner, Flex Rabanyan snitched on how he was a victim of a payola deal gone wrong where he had paid a compiler R9 800 to get his song playlisted on one of South Africa’s main public broadcasters in attempts to get his music on rotation.

The rapper shared his experience on Twitter and inquired if he should share the name of the person who tricked him, which was met with various responses from different industry heads, one of them being long standing rapper, Reason.

Clearly Flex took this heart and decided to reply with ‘FWR’ (For Whatever Reason) rapping about the veteran rapper’s personal life, even referring to his divorce and how he believes he’s been able to remain relevant.
There is also a line addressing veteran producer PH, touching on how he believes he isn’t big enough to get a full response.

Do you think the two rappers should meet and talk it out as Reason suggested prior to the diss or is it too late for that now?

Listen to the full track here:

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