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Date(s) - 13/12/2017 - 15/12/2017
12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The Garden Madiba


KayMad, a rapper and creative at dZZZdope, Inc. wrote and recorded “Bougainvillea”, a neo-soul tape. According to him, ”Bougainvillea’ expresses my thoughts on life, psychosocial pressure, Afro-socialization, depression, and suicide: which has a period of time, developed into a bigger body of work to be exhibited this month. The project covers very sensitive topics and features a number of writers and content creators from Ghana and a feature by South African painter, Yolanda “Yodaart” Mazwana”.

In its entirety, Bougainvillea will feature a “five-song tape”, over 25 frames of Writings, paintings, photo sets and a big installation by myself.

Overview of Project

“Bougainvillea”, is an art installation and exhibition by Justice “KayMad” Biney of dZZZdope, Inc. The installation features 20+ framed pieces, 10+ paintings, and 2 installations. The exhibition will be headlined by the “Flower Talk”, a three-day session that will run from 3-5 PM at the Garden Madiba (African Ark) in Dawhenya.

The gallery will open at 9 A.M on the 13th of December and would host the exhibition and talk sessions and will close on the 15th of December. As curated by dZZZdope and Garden Madiba, the exhibition will feature writings and paintings by Calvin Ayivie, Otema Yirenkyi, Norvi Esther, Jeffery Agyemang, Fafanyo, Abubakar Lykay, Yolanda Mazwana, Ella Woode and a host of writers and content creators across the continent.

Goals of Project

i. The installations and art pieces should be able to revive energies and create an environment for deeper thinking and self-evaluation as well as resounding assurance for the youth.

ii. To assist individuals facing psychosocial pressure and to suppress suicidal thoughts and create a positive impression about journeys.


The exhibition will follow time allocations strictly on set dates. Visitors are allowed to watch, interpret and share across all Social Media but touching, physical altering or removal of any installation or art piece is prohibited.

All Talk Sessions begin at 3 PM to 5 PM on all days. The entrance toll will be communicated via crew and media representatives across all Social Media.

DAY 1 (13th December 2017)

“We have come to inspire, to push a generation of geniuses into solutions way sober, to enlighten mankind and to embrace love” – KayMad

Opening Days and Set

The exhibition will open at 12 P.M. on the 13th of December

Opening Brief + Flower Talk

The opening address and first Flower Talk session will start at 3 P.M. followed by the first performance of the BOUGAINVILLEA TAPE and interpretive conversations.

DAY 2 (14th December 2017)

The exhibition will resume at 9 A.M. for visitors. The Flower Talk (Soul House Edition) will follow through at 3 PM with another performance of the ‘’Bougainvillea Tape’’. (Sales will be open for buyers to place orders)

DAY 3 (15th December 2017)

The exhibition opens for sales of ordered prints and Auction Sale of “Dear 5 – 21,” starting at 3,500 Ghana Cedis. The Flower Talk will feature other speakers sharing their personal stories and guidance trails to assist other travelers.

The DJ Set starts at 10 P.M. on Friday, the 15th.

Location Details

The Garden is situated on the right side of the Tema – Aflao (on the left from Aflao -Tema), a few meters from the Dawhenya Entrance Bridge.

Please use the name “Terrazzo” for public commuting to the Garden.

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