Dynasty refuses to be a “Female Rapper”

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Johannesburg, South Africa based recording artist Dynasty dropped a four track Extended Play early in 2018.

Representing the East Rand, the rapper wants to send a statement out to the public that she refuses to be under the stereotypical version of a “Female Rapper” where you need to show some skin to get recognition or on television instead of being judged on skill.

Discovered through the KFCSoundbite platform this Femcee means business  and willing to stand up alone just to tackle the challenges around up coming artists in general to get more recognition.

The short project is an introduction to the mission and the vision of what she wants to do with her career in paving a way for artists that will come after her so they too can also have equal opportunities without being judged by looks before talent.

Dynasty is inspired by strong and powerful women and has taken upon herself to stand up for other female artists.

“She feels the industry has been reduced to endorsing sex, money and the good life.”

You can hear more about what she’s all about on her new project!

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