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In June a few weeks after Drake dropped his ‘Duppy’ diss track to Pusha T we challenged South African emcees on social media to step up to the plate and flex their lyricism game.

First out the gates was Seru The Ellipsis residing in Johannesburg, South Africa with his ‘Guppy Freestyle’ that really got a lot of people’s attention:

Julian from Pittsburgh in the United States with his verse:


Singer/songwriter Tam switched it up where she sang and killed it!

VenomRaps from Newcastle, South Africa living up to his adopted name once again:


Pretoria, South Africa based rapper JayHoodSA continuing the momentum he’s picked up on Twitter a few days later dropped his rendition:

MegMafia broke her silence with her strong message to the industry!!

15 year old, Melogenic from Bloemfontein:

…. to be continued


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