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10 Questions

10 Questions: DJ Yin

DJ Yin

It’s always a pleasure meeting new people doing great things. We had the opportunity of interviewing one of such wonderful people in the person of DJ Yin. Learn more about her journey with her 10 Questions segment.

First and foremost, who is DJ Yin?

Dj Yin is an introvert, psychologist, artist, and Disc Jockey who originally goes by the name Oyin Asu Johnson.

We all knew you as a DJ then from nowhere, bam! You hit us with your sweet vocals. When did you realize you were good enough to hit the studio?

Well. I just felt like doing it too, to be honest.
I just never found someone who understood my sound like Banky. So yeah. Soon as we met, I knew I was ready.

Who or what genres did you listen to whiles growing up? 

Loool. A lot of Barry White.
Weird right? I also listened to Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Bob Marley, and some TLC.

What are you currently listening to?

Rock Your Body – Juls x Burna Boy.
Been on repeat for three days.
I totally like everything about it.

Would you say what you listened to whiles growing inspired the music you do now?

Yes, it definitely did because I find elements of everything I listened to in my music someway and somehow. I’m not the type to listen to everything or everybody because I feel what you listen to gets digested and reflects in your expression of Art. I feel they played major roles. Especially Barry White. I don’t know why but yeah. lol

Correct me if I’m wrong but there aren’t but a few Female DJs in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. What sets you apart from the few that exist? 

I sing and I have a very different vision!

What, in your own words, will you describe as the perfect mix? 

Nothing is perfect but something close to perfect would definitely be a compilation of music from the Caribbeans, music from the  70s-90s, Classic Nigerian music, of course, my “Chale Music”, my Ghanaian Palm Wine Music, a bit of Old School HipHop, House. I love House. I think if you can bring all that together then that’s the perfect mix! Not forgetting a bit of gospel; a little Kirk Franklin here and there.

What keeps you going when you feel like giving up?

My mission, like I said early on.

I think of those that my life has been connected to by God because I know I’m definitely meant to inspire people. Everybody is meant to inspire! I don’t know how to give up to be very honest. I know I will cry about it. I will just cry and keep going. My Boyfriend and Family are great inspirations. I can’t even afford to give up except I ran away and even when I do, the music calls me back. It’s like Jonah and the whale.

How do you think art can be used to solve a pertinent issue in society ? 

Well, I sing about daily issues I see and experience. For instance, I have a song coming out soon that speaks on a particular issue no one is talking about. It has to do with irresponsible parenthood. Yeah, that’s the one way I know I do it.  Another issue I’d like to tackle is depression. It’s just about finding a way of fusing what you do to create a channel of improvement to solve an issue in society.

Where do you see DJ Yin in the next 5 years? 

The promised land!

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