Discover World Music: 6 New Songs From Across The Globe

August 18, 2022

Bad Boy Timz New Songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Bad Boy Timz, HOAX, Bobby Marks and more.

1. HOAX – Drew

Prominent American Indie/Alternative Pop band HOAX delves deeper into the world of music with their newest single labeled “Drew”. Written by band members Frantz Cesar and Michael Paul Raj, “Drew” addresses natural emotions and thoughts that sometimes consume us. Characterized by luscious instrumentation and smooth vocal delivery, the ear candy generation gives a preview into the debut album titled b?. Regarding the single Michael Raj adds: “The longer I permeate through existence, the more I am sure that humans undoubtedly have this desire to be considered different, but then also bear this curse to feel accepted. To belong. At any given time, you might feel one or the other, or neither at all. And in many extreme cases, you might not feel either for a very long time.”

2. Bad Boy Timz – Iz Going

Building anticipation towards his upcoming album Young & In Charge, vibrant uprising Nigerian singer and songwriter (Olorunyomi Oloruntimilehin) steals the spotlight with an irresistible groovy swing titled “Iz Going”. The latest single is love themed; narrating a relatable experience of falling for a love interest after meeting them for the first time. Throwing more light on the single Bad Boy Timz adds: “The title plays on a popular slang on the streets of Lagos, with a love story twist, and the video narrates a story of meeting someone you like, and doing all you can to get their attention”.

3. Samantha Margret – Self Disrespect

American singer and songwriter Samantha Margret delves deep into her powerful musical artistry as she constructs an alternative pop gem with her new piece labeled “Self Disrespect”. With decadent and stunning harmonies, Margret tackles societal notions and other patterns that accelerates disrespect and weighs down a person’s self esteem. The captivating soundscape is from an intimate perspective and contains thought provoking lyricism.

4. REYSHA RAMI – Technicolor

Dynamic newcomer Reysha Rami makes a commendable switch of genres with the new energetic and insouciant tune dubbed “Technicolor”. Laced with shimmering instrumentation, Rami transports you on a beautiful melodic experience with this anthem. Reysha Rami explains: “Technicolor stands out to me as a song that gives you what you want to get out of it. Its production is dance, fun, and free; lyrically, though, it’s a sweet love song that could stand on its own as a ballad.”

5. Lyle Kam – Isn’t It Funny

Noted for the immense commercial success of the single “Unlove”, Asian-Canadian singer and songwriter Lyle Kam makes a commendable comeback with the contemporary electronic pop single “Isn’t It Funny”. Wrapped in catchy rhythms and passionate lyrics, the melody exhibits Kam’s symphonic innovation while addressing the emotional roller coasters associated with not having a loved one around physically.

6. Bobby Marks – Run Wild

Generating outstanding renditions of contemporary music is the signature of American singer, songwriter and music producer Bobby Marks. The head-nod-inducing dance track encompasses groovy sidelines and transcends a positive, commanding energy. Marks discloses: “It’s dripping in confidence, and that’s what yields success to me. I want people to feel this way when they listen to “Run Wild”. It’s a straightforward come-on to someone breathtakingly sexy. When you see that person in the middle of the club, you need to throw caution to the wind and shoot your shot. When you really want something, you can apply this kind of blind confidence to anything.”