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Johannesburg based emcee, Dibi dropped ‘SCHOOL NIGHT’ featuring talented vocalist Lucille Slade.

The artists took it back to the days of school, innocent times where adolescent love brought chills down the spines of excited kids in uniform who did what ever it took to show affection towards each other.

This time Dibi goes in on how a girl who wants his kids even though she has a man and that he’s not even going to try and stop himself from entertaining the flirtations.

“We was just kids. We dated for a few weeks and then we saw it for what it is.”

Next chapter is about how his first girlfriend was a White, them coming from totally different worlds finally caught up to them so, they split.

For me, it was probably the young ages in which they got together that didn’t allow them to have the knowledge to deal with such a diverse situation that maybe needed a couple of more years of life experience and maturity.

Stream ‘SCHOOLGIRL’ here:

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