Davina Oriakhi releases divine visuals for her single “Juju”

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London based British-Nigerian Soul Fusion artiste Davina Oriakhi, is a versatile singer-songwriter and poet. Davina Oriakhi, began hitting the ground running in the digital music scene in 2017, and since that time has manifested into a versatile and multifaceted artist with her own signature sound and stylisation.

Just shy of 5 months before her single “Juju” turns 2 years old, Davina Oriakhi releases visuals for the 2017 release from her Debut LP “Love to a Mortal”

Davina Oriakhi has been known to have spiritual/religious themes in her music, thus it is no wonder the music video (shot, edited and directed by Samara Addai whose credits include Boadi), captures spirituality in various spheres.

Miss Oriakhi briefly explains the creative process behind the video:
“I’ve been thinking about shooting a video for Juju ever since the LP was released back in 2017, but I just never had the funds and the right team to create what I had envisioned for the video. In August 2018, during an artist development program, I met Samara Addai, a London based filmmaker, and we discussed the possibilities of shooting a video for Juju. I loved how she understood my vision and contributed the most ethereal ideas. One hurdle I did have to cross was hiring an indoor pool in London. Financially unable to do so, I resorted to crowdfunding which I was very skeptical about at first but thankfully, it yielded results beyond my expectations and I was able to go ahead with filming. We wrapped up the video in December 2018.”

“We had to improvise due to circumstances we couldn’t control, so a number of the scenes you see in the video were thought of on the spot. After all the trouble, I honestly couldn’t have had it any better. Juju video to me is a product of resilience and sheer passion”.

Davina Oriakhi plans to release new content a bi-monthly basis in 2019 so we are excited to see what she has in store. Enjoy visuals for ‘Juju’ for now…

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