Darkovibes delivers a sermon addressing Economical Hardships in expounded song.

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It’s 2019 and new school artists are raising the bar high for each other, on the new year we have been blessed with new music from the Ground Up and La Meme camps respectively. This was always inevitable, from the moment La Meme vaulted into stardom, everyone was destined to have their own takeover that will separate La meme greatness from individual achievement, and it all leads to personal creativity.


From the Jump, Darkovibes was thumbed as a breakout star, his voice and style were better-suited for the rap/R&B and afrobeat hybrid that has been making waves lately. On ‘Obra’ a song that breathes the hardships that life comes with, Darkovibes is Triumphant over a Mike MILLZ handcraft and also aloft all the problems that the world comes with, the singer shows spiritual strength with quotable introductory line ‘I kill all my enemies with my eyes closed’ a deep hidden reference that describes praying to God to bulldoze all of your enemies plans thus defeating them with prayer.


Darkovibes is religious but ruthless and it’s extremely visible on his verse, in realism he aims at personalities that don’t work but want to yield success, thus reflecting how his hard work has paid off and how he is untouchable now. The chorus of the song is the highlight of greatness fused in with well-rhymed scheme and pure Mac M jargons.

Surprisingly, Mac M’s authenticity and Verisimilitude verse sums up the truthfulness of his story and localizes the subject matter of song, making their story and frustration on the economy and hardships super understanding in the echoed and searing base filled song with drums. Darko exits the scene with questions that require answers about how worthy music as a career is and its eligibility to save one from all hardships. The song is a sermon that is musically designed to expose the challenges and confrontations of everyday life, it brings to the pulpit, more than just information and answers on how to battle this unending battle.

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