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DA L.E.S also formally known as the North Gawd and DJ Double D dropped a duo album(the second installment) ‘Hall Of Fame II’ early in 2018 to kickstart the year.

Imagine an NBA match with a LES as the captain taking centre position with a team filled with senior players like Maggz, Stogie T,  L-Tido, Khuli Chana and new players in A-Reece, Flame and Tellaman taking to court with DJ Double D as the coach.

The celebration of a new generation where the ones who have been in it for a while carefully lead the way as they know their way around the court.

Pop culture has played a massive role in the sounds that are accepted in mainstream radio, LES found a way to mix that element with the trap feel to make his sound as relative to the youth.

With an LP filled with features it is very clear that the intention was to pave a way for the next in line.

“Pave The Way”

‘I need to see the receipts, niggas done paid their dues.’

How it was so essential for the ground work to be done by the veterans who initially pushed the Hip Hop movement in SA only for a couple of ungrateful people to spit in their faces.


Guest starring international players in the team, Buffalo Souljah, Tay Grin, Beenie Man and Zani in an Afropop song to incorporate the Naija feel that brings their native dance culture alive.


L-Tido and Yanga are also dropping albums in 2018 so this tune was made for them expressing how they’ve been working on their projects to ensure they deliver quality performances with a more subtle production that allowed all the artist to properly talk the talk.

This compilation is made up of different original sounds be it pop, hip hop, trap and afropop that is once again introducing us to a new sound that the North Gawd seems to always get right.

L.E.S also hinted at another album that might drop later this  year but for now, Enjoy!

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