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Quiz: How Well Do You Know CKay?


CKay is the man behind arguably the biggest African song ever — “Love Nwantiti”.

To mark his birthday, we put together this little quiz to find out how big a CKay fan you really are!

#1. How old is CKay? (2022)

#2. What’s the name of the first record label to sign CKay back in 2014?

#3. What’s the name of the music group he was a part of before going solo?

#4. What year was his breakthrough single “Container” released?

#5. What year did he release his global hit “Love Nwatiti”?

#6. Which of the following is the title of a CKay project?

#7. What Ghanaian act did he Collaborate with on the remix of “Love Nwantiti”?

#8. In what Nigerian State was CKay born?

#9. CKay's first job at Chocolate City was as a ______

#10. What year was he officially signed under Chocolate City?



Wow! It’s true. You’re certainly Ckay’s biggest fan!


Are you serious? Will CKay be proud of you? Do better! Take the quiz again!

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