OTI tells it all on the ‘Untold Story Project’

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The Untold Story Project EP was recorded in Accra and NYC. It was actually planned to be on OTI’s upcoming mixtape “Made In Ghana” but he later decided to put out an EP as a warmup for the tape instead.
It has six songs on it with three videos shot so far.
The first song was actually first recorded in Accra at Jayso’s studio but I ended up recording it again after deciding to change some parts in the verse. I shot the video in NYC (Manhattan and the Bronx).
The second track “Don’t Need Nobody’ was recorded back in Ghana with my partner in rhyme Copta. We knocked it out at Jayso’s studio in Tema.
The third song on it “fall” which features Junior Heightz was recorded in the Bronx. I sent the instrumental with my vocals on it and he sent his verse about two weeks later. We shot the video for fall in the Bronx. My verse in the song was actually based on a real-life experience. I talked about a person whom I knew from a young age who had delved deep into a life of crime hence the lyrics “Dealing with raw? In the jungle one slip and you are gone. Knew him as a lil nigga now he turned to a don”.
The fourth single and one of my personal favorites “Sweet Love” features Copta and Kwame Nsiah and deals with the familiar story of females with gold digging tendencies. I described my “sweet love” as someone who “gained mad points dealing with me but when her stock rose moved on to the big timers”.
The fifth single “Stacy” was another song based on a real-life experience that I saw. It is based on a female who set me up to get robbed after meeting with her. That and the final song “Chief Season” were both recorded in Ghana
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