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Pretoria based artist, Blaklez on August 6, 2018 dropped his much anticipated third studio album, “Baby Brother.”

The well respected rapper was scheduled to make the drop late in 2017 but delayed the release due to not being ready and went away to refine his work; making sure he drops his best work.

Having noted that ‘Baby Brother’ is in no way an attempt to top his last work ‘A Broke Man’s Dream’ in which he was in a much different head space this project has a more happy, relaxed and less tense feel about it. You get the sense that he is in a much better place spiritually as well.

With the type of sound this tracklist is giving out one can get the sense that the fusion of urban mainstream feel was combined with a more conscious approach.

Tracks like Funky City, Jungle Justice, Fathers & Daughters, Cool Slaves & Saka Nyuka you can get an idea of what direction the emcee decided to take.

As many third album drops would go Blaklez shared some of the talented rising artists he has been working with:

Lucille Slade (Singer) ‘LIVE FOR ME’

McKenzie (Singer) ‘FUNKY CITY’

Kambridge (Rapper) ‘FIND MY WAY & MY WHOLE LIFE’

and many more…

Personally, I do feel like there were times when maybe a different beat could have been used to highlight the intent he was trying to bring across on songs like “funky city” “live for me” “who killed senzo” & “Find My Way” …  where his vocals were a little flat at times, trying to over sing exposing a suit he isn’t necessarily strong in.

Some of the highlights from the project for me would be, “Jungle Justice, My Love, My Whole Life, Uthando Lwethu, Saka Nyuka and Fathers & Daughters” .. All the people he featured on these songs were really strong and complimented him very well.

What did you think of the album? Have you heard it?


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