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The Mother of Heirs album is a carefully crafted masterpiece built with words, sultry voices, and a lovely blend of instruments and production. A mix of blues, spoken word, R&B among other genres, making it pleasing to the ears and giving it some kind of a “funkified” feel.

The album explores the struggles, and victories of the female and offers astounding pieces of advise, encouragements and affirmation on sexuality, confidence, self-awareness and strength for the female who is given the accolade “MOTHER OF HEIRS

The intro, FRESH AIR is a spoken word piece which describes the subject as a breath of fresh air who deserves to give as much room they offer others for improvements to themselves as well. Poetra Asantewa ends this piece with the words “forgive yourself for convincing yourself you will never know a greater love. For creating this architecture of doom and living underneath it’s leaking truth. Forgive yourself for you are a breath of fresh air. forgive yourself for there’s overflowing love lining up to engulf you

We’ve come a long way from “Metanoia, What lovers do, I wasn’t in the Picture” with regards to diversity, quality and innovation which makes it quite sad listening to Conversations, the 6th item on the playlist. It basically replays a real life conversation giving an actual depiction of the everyday struggles of artistes and how underrated and under appreciated their art is in the country. The sun will rise and set countless times over the period if the unfair treatments meted out to young and talented acts such as these is to be discussed. There is next to no proper framework to support their work and although everyone sees and knows their excellent skill and art, most people simply won’t pay them their worth on a performance- “They want the best and yet want to pay peanuts

Distractions has a rather simple instrumental at the onset that sets the tone for a blend of bold notes and an interesting poetic piece. A host of situations which take away our focus from some of the pertinent things in life are outlined on this song. The positioning of the acts on this song and the vocal diversity coupled with the varying angles the subject matter was taken from is achingly intriguing.

Haystack is touching and delivered with such grandiosity. The use of the “needle, haystack” analogy more entrenches the depth of the concept. It’s not hard to see there’s really no haystack and needles here. From a solely subjective point of view, this piece is addressing the opinions of a woman who feels as though not conspicuous enough, a concept which cleverly intertwines with the original subject matter of this project – promoting Girl Power! Serenaded by Cina Soul on a solemn and captivating string of layered keys.

Being musically inclined, having listened to and done reviews on most of the artistes on this Power Project, it is safe to say that “Quality is what they seep”. The various artistes on this album have taken up the mantle in promoting girl power through their strong female presence and musical subject matter. Especially with the flawed ideas the world seems to have of females and issues relating to femininity, the rise of feminism and a relentless quest to champion and elevate the female from all barriers becomes indispensable. Nina Simone when questioned about her involvement in the rise against racism and the fight for liberation retorted, “who’s an artist if their work does not reflect the times?

The stand of BLACK GIRLS GLOW is needed now more than ever! To this lovely and carefully crafted work we say Ayekoo to all artists, sound engineers and all who worked on this project. We look forward to the best!

Compiled by Esi Otoo & Jephthah Osei-Mensah

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