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Being a year filled with overseas visits from internationally recognized artists, Beyoncé capped off her grace in South Africa by dropping a clip of her performance at FNB stadium in Johannesburg with a sound clip of iWALK YE PARA.

The South African Bee Hive were anticipating the queens first city in the country and in 2018 they worked very hard for her to come through.

The Global Citizen SA edition managed to rack in 7.1 BILLION dollars in efforts to eradicate extreme poverty and it’s quite clear that Beyonce & Jay Z were very emotionally pleased by the whole cause to change the world.

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After settling in at home from a beautiful trip to South Africa and India, I am still in awe that 7.1 BILLION dollars was raised to aid Global Citizen in its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty. I’d like to give my praise and respect to all the speakers, performers, and volunteers who donated their time to contribute to making positive change.  Every person in the audience at FNB Stadium earned a seat because they generously donated their time to help their community. Now their efforts and the money raised will help improve education, healthcare, sanitation, women’s rights, and countless other causes for millions across the globe. I felt so much positivity and pride in the audience at Global Citizen: Mandela 100. Madiba, Johannesburg, and all of my African sisters and brothers, we hope we made you as proud as you all make us.  South Africa was an extraordinary trip for me and my family. God bless. If you would like to become a Global Citizen you can get more info at

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