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The Best African Restaurants in Atlanta

The Best African Restaurants in Atlanta
Image Source: Ace Atlanta Bar & Grill

Atlanta is a bustling city with a diverse culinary scene, and its African restaurants are no exception. From Ethiopian to West African cuisine, there are plenty of options for adventurous foodies to try. Here is our list of the best African restaurants in Atlanta:

1. Desta Ethiopian Kitchen

Located in the heart of Buckhead, Desta Ethiopian Kitchen offers a cozy atmosphere and traditional Ethiopian dishes. Try their popular lamb tibs or their vegetarian platter, which includes a variety of lentil and vegetable dishes.

2. Cape Dutch

For a taste of South Africa, head to Cape Dutch located in the historic Brookhaven neighborhood. The menu features classic dishes like bobotie (a spiced meat casserole) and boerewors (a type of sausage), as well as unique cocktails with South African ingredients.

3. 10 Degrees South

Another South African gem, 10 Degrees South is located in the trendy Virginia Highland neighborhood. The menu features a mix of classic and contemporary dishes, including peri-peri chicken and boerewors sliders.

4. Queen of Sheba

Experience the flavors of Ethiopia at Queen of Sheba. This African restaurant is located in the charming Virginia Highland neighborhood. The menu includes traditional dishes like injera (a type of flatbread) and doro wat (spicy chicken stew).

5. Modish Restaurant & Bar

Modish Restaurant & Bar is a fusion restaurant that blends African, American, and Caribbean flavors. Located in the West End neighborhood, the menu includes dishes like jollof rice and jerk chicken.

6. Zunzi’s

For a taste of South African street food, head to Zunzi‘s in Midtown. The menu features sandwiches, salads, and bowls inspired by South African flavors, like the “Godfather” sandwich made with boerewors sausage and grilled chicken.

7. Sadiq’s Bistro

Sadiq’s Bistro in the West End neighborhood serves Nigerian and West African dishes. Try the jollof rice, a spicy tomato-based rice dish, or the suya, a Nigerian-style grilled meat skewer.

8. Ace Atlanta Bar & Grill

Ace Atlanta Bar & Grill in downtown Atlanta serves a mix of African and American dishes. Try their popular fried tilapia, served with plantains and jollof rice.

Other African Restaurants Worth Checking Out:

  • Kategna Ethiopian Cuisine
  • Feedel Bistro
  • Biltong Bar
  • Yebo Beach Haus
  • Cafe ULU
  • Panbury’s Pie Cafe
  • The Whelan
  • Bole Ethiopian Restaurant
  • Piassa Restaurant & Mart
  • Josephine Lounge

Atlanta has a wide range of African restaurants that offer delicious and authentic cuisine. Whether you’re in the mood for Ethiopian injera or South African bobotie, these restaurants and honorable mentions are sure to satisfy your cravings.




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